Academic Program


3.5 - 6 years old

MMLH Reading Success program combines the Jolly Phonics curriculum and the Science of Reading research. We aim to provide a systematic reading foundation for children so that they can read fluently with understanding and be ready for primary school reading requirements. 

Our teaching method has a multisensorial approach; it means that we introduce new letter sounds through songs, stories, and movements. Our curriculum starts with phonological awareness and systematic phonics instruction. Then we practice reading fluency and finally introduce comprehension strategies.

In our classes, we use a variety of materials. We have workbooks for every stage, worksheets for additional practice, arts & crafts and game based online learning

Pre-Primary Math

4-6 years old, K1 & K2

MMLH Pre-Primary Math program aims to provide a space for children to explore numeracy and plant an understanding of mathematical concepts. Our program will lay a strong foundation for primary school math. 

Our comprehensive method when teaching foundational math is the Concrete, Pictorial, and Abstract (C-P-A) method. The program starts with exploration with solid objects so that the children can understand the concept in real form. After that we move on to the picture representation of those concepts. Lastly, we will go to the abstract stage and learn the mathematical representation of those concepts.

In our Pre-Primary Math program, we aim to build the learner’s number sense, flexibility, logic, and conceptual understanding. Additional skills that we teach are mental strategies, making tens, number families, and counting on.

Primary Math

Grade 1-6

MMLH Primary Math program supports student’s school curriculum. We put our emphasis on teaching our students understanding of mathematical concepts that are taught in school. Our team is experienced with the Cambridge & IB curriculum, including Singapaorean bar models. We’ve used books such as My Pals, Shaping Math, Math Champion, Targeting Math, Cambridge Primary Math, Math Plus, and Active Maths.

The learners that we have supported comes from various schools which includes Tunas Muda, Global Sevilla, IICS, Springfield, Ichthus, SPH, National High, HOPE, Bukit Sion, Raffles, Tzu Chi, Cikal, Sampoerna Academy, and Santa Laurensia.

Primary English

Grade 1-6

MMLH English program for Primary students focuses on three things which are comprehension, grammar, and writing. The program also teaches students vocabulary and spelling to support their writing.

Students will learn how to read fluently and comprehend what they read. After reading, they will practice using critical thinking skills to analyze and make conclusions about the texts. Students will learn necessary grammar skills to ensure that they are able to write proper sentences and be ready for school tests. Our writing program consists of 5 basic steps that covers the planning stage, draft writing stage and revision editing skills. They will also learn how to write different genres of writing, such as narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive.