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Welcome To MMLH
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Miss Michelle Learning House was founded in 2018. We are a learning centre that provides international standard academic enrichment to children in kindergarten and primary years.

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Our Classes

We adopt Jolly Phonics Curriculum and Science of Reading as the foundation for our reading program. We teach reading in a systematic and fun way to produce strong readers for years ahead.


Learn to Read

3.5 - 6 years old

Our math class relies on the use of hands on manipulatives and concept understanding to teach kids the foundation of mathematical thinking.


Learn to count

4-6 years old

We provide school assistance to students Grade 1 – 6 in their primary math subjects. We aim to breakdown mathematical concepts for kids so they can improve their understanding as well as provide extra practice to improve their fluency.


Primary Math

Grade 1-6

We provide school assistance to students Grade 1-6 in their primary english subjects. Our focus is on comprehension, grammar, language arts and writing skills. We aim to develop the students to be a more wholesome English reader and writer.


Primary English

Grade 1-6


What They Say...

Mama Theresa

“Kayla’s teacher at school blg Kayla’s reading is excellent and very good stamina. Thanks to Ms Temmy and Ms Onnie”

Mama Arinda

“Just want to give a shout out to @missmichelle.learninghouse! Baru masukin Akandra kesini untuk les baca beberapa minggu and the improvement is superb!! Interactive class, attentive teacher & fun rewards! Boleh ni dicoba buat buibu yang udah desperate ngajarin anaknya sendiri kayak saya.”

Lovenia's Mom

“Very happy miss belajar di MMLH, gak terbebani sama sekali, progressnya keliatan banget miss dari nol gak bisa apa-apa sekarang udah bisa baca sejauh materi yang dipelajari.
Thanks ya miss and team MMLH udah help her sejauh ini.”

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